The Oral Health Care Guidebook to Zoom! Whitening

A key element of oral health care is having a beautiful white smile that looks healthy and clean. If you want to improve the look of your smile, look no further than Zoom! whitening.

In order to keep your oral health care at its best, consider the following benefits of Zoom! Whitening:

– Many teeth stains dwell deep within a tooth, but Zoom! whitening uses gels that can go deep within a tooth to softly bleach away stains and discolorations.
– It is important to remember that although Zoom! whitening is tremendously effective at removing stains, it cannot prevent future stains from occurring.
– Zoom! whitening kits for at-home use are offered from your dentist if you would like to touch up blemishes and discolorations on your own time.
– Some foods and drinks are capable of staining and discoloring teeth, but Zoom! whitening can eliminate them.
– Zoom! whitening treatments can be placed in our office in about an hour, giving you a whiter smile from your very first visit.

If you think your teeth could use a little extra work and you would like to have a Zoom! whitening treatment from our team at Dr. Malcolm Boykin DDS, simply book an appointment with Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS and the rest of our team at our dentist office in Ramona, CA, by calling us at 760-789-2330. Let us help make your smile one to be proud of!

Early Detection of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Can Improve Your Chances of Treatment Success

Oral health problems can cause discomfort, pain, and other serious complications. Of course, this is not limited to problems with cavities and gum disease. Oral and pharyngeal cancer can also pose a serious threat to your oral health and function.

The American Dental Association recommends having a dentist perform a routine dental exam and cleaning twice each year. This will clean away all traces of plaque and tartar while also monitoring your mouth for overt signs of a problem.

If Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS finds any signs of gum disease or tooth decay he will present you with the appropriate treatment option. At the end of the dental exam, Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS will administer a basic screening for signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer.

Be sure to tell Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS know about any potential oral cancer or pharyngeal cancer symptoms you have noticed. Early detection can significantly increase your chances of treatment success.

This might include a persistent pain in your mouth, swelling, or a lump in your cheek. Pharyngeal cancer symptoms could also include a persistent sore throat, or a feeling like something is stuck in the back of your mouth.

If you live in the Ramona, CA, area and you have been experiencing symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer, you should call [phone] to schedule a checkup and cancer screening at [practice_name].

Go Above and Beyond for Your Smile by Doing These Things

It’s vital for your oral health to keep up on oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly. If you do these things, you’re on the right track toward a healthy smile. But do you ever wish you could go above and beyond for your chompers? If so, Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS and our dental team are thrilled to hear that! We have some tips for you that can help you go the extra mile for your smile.

Tip No. 1: Brush your teeth throughout the day, whether you’re at the office, school, or even just at home. If you brush after each meal and snack, your teeth and gums will remain clean and pristine. This can also help you avoid having an embarrassing food-filled smile!

Tip No. 2: Wear a mouthguard while you are active. It’s important to protect your smile while you participate in high-contact sports and activities because a hard ball, elbow, knee, or other object can hit your mouth and cause severe injury. If you wear a mouthguard, there is a chance your teeth and gums can remain healthy and strong.

Tip No. 3: Include rinsing in your oral hygiene routine. We recommend brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and rinsing your mouth daily. As you rinse, follow the instructions on the bottle and use a product that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

Do you have questions about how to go above and beyond for your smile in Ramona, CA? If so, please reach out to our dental team at our office. All you need to do is dial [phone] and we will be excited to help you, even if it’s just by answering your questions!

Restart Your Summer with a New Smile Courtesy of Veneers and Crowns

Restart your summer with a new smile courtesy of veneers and crowns. Did you know two of the most highly effective types of tooth restoration treatments for improving the look of your smile are dental crowns and dental veneers, as both treatments cap or conceal troublesome areas of your teeth, but in different ways? To learn more about the terrific benefits of both restoration treatments, see the lists below:

Advantages of dental crowns:

– If you wish to fully conceal and cover a tooth, dental crowns are the ideal choice.

– If your teeth require additional protection against tooth decay and other oral health hazards, dental crowns are an ideal choice.

– Dental crowns can efficiently treat teeth previously restored or replaced with services such as root canals, fillings, implants, or bridges.

Advantages of dental veneers:

– Dental veneers are very thin and can be easily attached to the fronts of problematic teeth to conceal their problems.

– Dental veneers can be crafted and customized based on looks, comfort, size, and color.

– Less tooth enamel is removed to hold veneers in place than for dental crowns.

If you want to experience the joys of dental veneers or dental crowns at [practice_name], simply call us at [phone] to schedule an appointment at our dentist office in Ramona, CA. Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS and our team look forward to restoring your smile.

Restore Your Smile With A Whitening Consultation

The surfaces of your teeth are protected by tooth enamel. Even though your teeth look smooth, there are tiny textures that trap darker food particles and bacteria. Over time, these dark particles could start to saturate deeper into the tooth enamel, leaving you with embarrassing stains on your teeth. Drinking dark liquids and smoking are also well-known causes of stained teeth.

Finding the right method for restoring your white smile can sometimes be a challenge, depending on the depth and severity of your dental staining. In a situation like this, a whitening consultation with Dr. Boykin can help you find the most effective method for improving your smile’s appearance.

Dr. Boykin recommends daily brushing with a whitening toothpaste to help minimize surface stains. Make sure your toothpaste is approved by the American Dental Association. Unfortunately, the concentration of hydrogen peroxide whitening agents in the paste will not be strong enough to remove stains that have saturated deep into your tooth enamel.

Using whitening strips that have been approved by the ADA can also be a convenient method for removing surface stains. They can whiten your smile while you go about your day. Just like whitening toothpaste, the whitening strips are only strong enough to remove minor surface stains and they cannot brighten a deeply stained smile.

Having Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS administer a dental bleaching treatment is often the safest and most effective way to resolve more significant dental stains. Once your smile has been professionally whitened, he can help you know which retail-grade whitening methods can help maintain the luster of your smile.

If you are near Ramona, CA and you are struggling with a stained smile, you should call (760) 789-2330 to set up a whitening consultation with Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS.

What Are Some Good Treatments to Rid the Teeth-Grinding Habit?

Whether you believe it or not, your teeth-grinding habit can be dangerous for your smile, especially because it can crack and wear away your teeth. This is why it’s important to do all you can to treat the issue and reduce the effects it can have on your smile and oral health. To help you do so, Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS and our dental team have some tips and information for you.

Most of the time, the teeth-grinding habit results from severe stress. If this is the case for you, try to reduce your stress by attending stress counseling classes, exercising, seeing a physical therapist, or taking a muscle relaxant. These things can be extremely helpful, but it’s preferred to try natural therapy before any type of medication.

To protect your teeth while you sleep, it’s best to wear a mouthguard. Mouthguards are beneficial appliances that shelter your pearly whites and protect them from wear and tear. This is because your teeth won’t touch when you wear a guard, which will keep them from harming and destroying each other.

The last tip we have for you is to make the necessary life changes. Fortunately, there are many things you can change in your life that can help you stop grinding your teeth. Those things are cutting back on caffeinated drinks, avoiding alcohol consumption, trying relaxation methods, and avoiding tooth-harming habits, like using your teeth as tools and chewing on objects, like pens, pencils, and ice.

If you’re interested in a custom-made mouthguard, or if you would like to know more about how to treat your teeth-grinding habit in Ramona, CA, please call [practice_name] when you can. All you need to do is dial [phone] and our dental team will be more than happy to assist you. We look forward to helping you!

Common Questions About Fluoride

A hotly controversial mineral in our society is fluoride. Although fluoride is often given a bad reputation, it is a naturally occurring mineral that has many benefits to our smiles. However, as with many things, too much fluoride can be dangerous for you, especially in very young children and infants. Listed below are some common questions about fluoride:

Where can you find fluoride?
a.) In the public water supply
b.) In various types of toothpaste
c.) In various types of mouthwash
d.) All of the above

True or False: Fluoride can improve the color of your teeth.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water all around the world.
a.) True
b.) False

What are the benefits of fluoride for your smile?
a.) Fluoride can strengthen tooth enamel
b.) Fluoride can help protect your teeth from tooth decay
c.) Fluoride can repair broken or fractured teeth
d.) Both a and b

Answer Key: d, b, a, d

If you are in need of a fluoride treatment from our team at [practice_name] at our dentist office in Ramona, CA, please contact us at [phone] to schedule an appointment with Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS. The path to a healthy smile starts today!

Reasons to Have a Root Canal

If you have had a tooth that has suffered decay, it may have caused a great deal of damage to your tooth’s healthy enamel. This decay can make it difficult to chew and also put a damper on your smile. If the enamel has a large area of decay it may be difficult for your dentist Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS to form an anchor to place a filling, and could also mean the root has become infected.

To find out how to treat your tooth, Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS will take a series of x-rays to monitor the health of the tooth and its root. If the x-rays show that the root has become infected, you may need to have a root canal treatment.

During your root canal treatment, Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS will assess how much the infection has spread into the root, and then remove the damaged enamel by using a drill. This will allow an opening to remove the infected parts of the root. After the infection is removed, a rubbery plug is used to replace the structure so that a crown can later be anchored.

An impression of the tooth is taken and sent off to a lab so that the crown can be created. During a brief second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary plug and cement your permanent crown in its place. This will restore the lost enamel of your tooth, and allow full function of your mouth.

If you are in need of a root canal in Ramona, CA, then please call [practice_name] today at [phone] to schedule an appointment.

The Best and Healthiest Gum for Your Pearly Whites

When you’re at the store looking at the multiple chewing gum choices, it’s important to think about your smile. Unfortunately, certain types of gum can threaten and attack your teeth, especially gum that is loaded with sugar. So, to help you pick the best and healthiest gum for your pearly whites, Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS and our dental team encourage you to choose gum that:

Is sugarless: It’s best to choose sugar-free gum because sugar can attack and harm the smile, promoting cavities. It’s also beneficial to chew sugarless gum because it helps produce saliva. The more saliva you produce, the more the bacteria and acid in your mouth will be washed away and neutralized.

Contains xylitol: Xylitol is a very special and beneficial ingredient you should look for in the gum you chew. This is because xylitol prohibits the growth of Streptococcus mutans which are bacteria that create cavities. Xylitol also makes it nearly impossible for bacteria to stick to the teeth, which helps prevent cavities and plaque growth.

Has ADA approval: If the gum has been approved by the American Dental Association, then that means it is safe for your smile. So, make sure the label on the gum package contains the ADA Seal of Approval.

If you take our advice and chew gum that has these characteristics, you’ll be on the right track toward maintaining a strong oral health and smile. To learn more about the best and healthiest chewing gum in Ramona, CA, call [practice_name] at [phone] today. We are more than happy to help you!

Treatment Options for Repairing Cavities or Tooth Decay

We spend most of our lives developing positive habits when it comes to our dental health. We are taught from a young age the value of habitual brushing to keep from developing cavities. Sometimes, even though we brush and floss daily, we can still develop cavities. If you find yourself in this position, please remember your dentist understands and offers several ways to treat your cavities!

Dental fillings are the most common treatment for minor cavities. During this treatment option, the Dr. Malcolm J Boykin DDS cleans out the cavity and then fills it in using a special resin that bonds to the tooth, adding strength.

In the event that the cavity is too large for a dental filling but the tooth is still strong, a partial crown is used. Also called an inlay or onlay depending on how it is installed, a partial crown repairs the cavity while also strengthening the tooth.

If the tooth affected by the cavity has suffered significant decay, neither a filling nor partial will be an effective treatment. A dental crown will be necessary to restore the affected tooth. During this treatment, the majority of the tooth’s enamel is removed. After the removal, a crown is formed in a dental lab and installed on the tooth to replace the lost enamel. Having a dental crown will ensure a tooth that will last years after your treatment.

For any questions you have about cavities or to set up an appointment with our dentist in Ramona, CA, please call our office today.